Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Did You Know? Wonderware Technical Tips

Are you aware that our Wonderware UK and Ireland Support Team along with Tech Notes, use twitter to share their key tips and tricks for Wonderware software?  
Follow them on Twitter for more daily tips. Below a collection of the most recent technical tips about Wonderware software.
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“#InTouch Tip: A query with syntax “\Intouch!$System” will retrieve alarms from within the console session or session 0 on a terminal server.

#InTouch Tip: Files such as InTouch.ini from managed applications can be accessed by selecting “File>Open Application Folder” in WindowMaker

#InTouch Tip: When using Network Application Development (NAD) remember to add the local working directory to the anti-virus exclusions list

Set 'Lock Window Size' in 'Special>Configure>WindowMaker' prior to changing an #InTouchapplication resolution to stop graphics being scaled

#ApplicationServer best practice: a target of 25,000 IO per platform is a good design maximum

#ApplicationServer tip: Engines are processes, they will not span a single core. Multiple engines will leverage multiple cores

#SystemPlatform: If the RMC connection fails then an engine will use the ArchestrA network to determine the status of its partner Wonderware

#ApplicationServer Tip: The security model and check in comments can be used to create a comprehensive log of changes for every object.

#ApplicationServer Tip: Each object has a change log, viewable through the object properties, which tracks who has been editing the object.

#ApplicationServer Execute scripts are called each time the AppEngine performs a scan and the object is On Scan

#ApplicationServer Startup scripts are called when an object containing the script is loaded into memory

#ApplicationServer Tip: For best performance aim for no more than 32 digital and 32 analogue field attributes on an object

Secondary data sources, store & forward and partnered #Historians are all great ways of preserving your data integrity.

#Historian Client Tip: Use an appropriate retrieval style to achieve the best combination of performance and clarity for your trends.

#Historian 2012 R2 supports up to 500,000 tags in tier-2 storage at a throughput of 125,000 values per second

#InBatch Best Practice: The InBatch BatchGUI ActiveX control should be embedded within an InTouch window which is never closed

#InBatch Best Practice: Implement a maintenance plan for the Batch History database. 2GB is the recommended maximum database size.”

For more information check out the The Wonderare HMI/SCADA Times at http://situation-awareness.com/

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