Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Four V's of Big Data

This infographic, developed by the IBM data scientists, gives examples of each of the dimensions of the Big Data: volume, variety, velocity and veracity. 

Source: IBM Big Data Hub
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  1. Big data is really a trend and its great to notice that Facebook, Twitter or any other social media that are advertised as big data examples, are only a small fraction of the real big data producers: Industrial Plants.

    Industries are now realizing that they have the 4 Vs of Big Data present "in da house" and its now the time to realize and turn all those Vs into meaninfull information that can derive value to the business.

    Tks for the Great infographic Lucian!!!!!

  2. Great infography.
    I like the way IBM presents their vision.
    I've assisted to several of their presentation and we've posted something interessant on our blog about the five things that should happen in five years from now (according to IBM)

    Enjoy !

  3. Thank you Nicolas and the Everdyn team for sharing the IBM's view of technology in 5 years from now. Very interesting infographic!

  4. Buzzwords aside, the ability to analyze large data sets will be important for optimizing production systems that have been collecting data for years, but doing very little to utilize the data.