Friday, October 25, 2013

Bridging the Understanding Gap Between Manufacturing and Executives?

Through the  research and discussions with executives, done by LNS Research, an advisory and benchmarking company, successful approaches and activities that serve to raise executive awareness on potential business improvements in manufacturing operations and bridge the gap between the two organizations. 

"The following are some of the successful ways they've seen companies achieve this goal:
Conducting Manufacturing Tours for Executives 
  • Performing Routine Manufacturing Business Review Meetings with Executives
  • Holding Peer Review Meetings that Include Manufacturing and Other Executives
  • Holding Skip-Level Review Meetings Between Executives & Manufacturing Staff
  • Including the Manufacturing Strategy as Part of Annual Business Planning Process
  • Creating Plant Management Reports Containing Financial Impacts of Manufacturing Metrics
  • Creating Real-Time, Plant Management Dashboards That Contain Financial Impacts
  • Creating Real-Time, Executive Dashboards That Contain Manufacturing Financial Impacts
  • Using Balanced Scorecard Training
  • Conducting Manufacturing Program Training – e.g. Lean, Six Sigma, ISO, etc.
  • Executives Participating in Peer Councils
  • Executives Participating in Industry Associations
  • Executives Having Conversations and Consultations with Industry Analysts
  • Leveraging Executive Focused, Manufacturing Trade Publications"       (LNS Research)
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