Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Your plant data in a browser, available anywhere, on any device

If you missed Eduardo Ballina’s InTouch Access Anywhere session at the #SoftwareRevolution in Dallas, Texas you missed a lot. Here is a brief video example of it capabilities as well some points from Eduardo’s live session and demo:

InTouch Access Anywhere software emphasizes the depth and breadth of our capabilities when it comes to mobile and web-enabled solutions

  • Provides secure access to real-time plant information—without compromising functionality
  • empowers the modern workforce to minimize costs
  • improve operating efficiencies and drive real-time business optimization
Wonderware InTouch Access Anywhere Allows Round-the-Clock Access to Industry-leading HMI
Invensys extends mobile offerings to real-time visualization from any device at anytime and from anywhere. 

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