Friday, November 1, 2013

New “How to” WonderVideo Contest

Customers or system developers are busy people. Short  product “how to” videos are a great way to improve our customer’s use of our products, their features and capabilities. The customer gains more value from their investment in Wonderware software which leads to more sales!
The new “How to” Video Contest Program is designed to increase the number and variety of product videos available to our customers. YouTube is the preferred medium for how-to instructional videos and we want to see hundreds of Wonderware videos available to the public and you can get paid to help us!

What:   New prize program to motivate system integrators and others to submit “how to” videos on InTouch & System Platform  (2-5 mins, HD quality, narration/captions)
Why:    Customers like short product “how to” videos
When: Starts Immediately, first prizes will be awarded in November
Where: Wonderware HMI & SCADA YouTube channel (videos & links)              
Prizes:  Top 20 most viewed videos each month will win a cash prize #1 video wins $500, runner-up videos each win $100
Disclaimer: You can only win once per video. This is a limited time offer. More details coming soon.
Contact:  Lucian Fogoros (lucian.fogoros AT

I’d like to hear from you as to what kind of Wonderware software videos you can leverage on your work place.

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Coming up next: “How To” Topics for Video Context

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