Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Situation Awareness Seminar in Mexico City, Mexico

I am excited to have just completed presenting at a seminar on Situation Awareness in Mexico City, Mexico on Invensys Software’s new  InTouch HMI & Supervisory software capability.  Invensys has holistically redesigned the software to increase the number of improvements ranging from the front end graphics to the historian real-time object representation. The software was first introduced announced during the User Group Conference in Dallas last month and this week I am in Latin America region (Mexico & Argentina) covering the new library with our team.
Here are  four key areas where the 2014 release is poised to add value to our customers:
Engineering Simplicity - Superior standards and change management resulting in higher quality applications, higher engineering productivity, and greatly reduced time and cost to build and maintain.
Operational Agility – A superior approach to presenting information resulting in greater visibility to the most important situations, prevention of excursions from “normal”, reduction in disruptions and downtime, greater focus on opportunities to improve performance, safety and reduction in costs of operations.
Real-Time Performance Mastery – Real-time performance graphics presenting more meaningful contextualized information resulting in a greater ability to capitalize on real-time opportunities for improved profitability, safety, quality, and efficiency.
Historical Revelation – Greater scalability capacity and enhanced alarm and event storage and management resulting in greater insight into underlying trends and incidents minimizing future costly disruptions; greater flexibility and scalability to cost-effectively meet the needs of the unique operating environment.
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