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SPS IPC Drives Expo in Nuremberg, Germany: Invensys gets double the expected journalists

The press conference held by Invensys during the SPS IPC Drives Expo in Nuremberg earlier this week attracted  more than double the journalists it expected.  It’s new offerings in mobility and HMI/SCADA situation awareness libraries generated a lot of interest not only among journalists but also the numerous visitors to its booth as it could be seen in the image below.
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The Electronic magazine: “All-” in its article “Wonderare goes mobile” notes the two offerings and I thought I would expand the coverage of the mobile portfolio and situation awareness. 

The Invensys products currently available for mobile use include:
Mobile HMI—WonderwareInTouch Access Anywhere software lets users view and control real-time plant floor operations data using a secure web browser.
Mobile Wonderware Workflow—With Wonderware Workflow software, you can model entire workflows involving people and systems, as well as the proper task sequencing and dependencies. Wonderware Workflow softwaremtracks each work step and records the outcome so you have the detail you need to properly evaluate work performance and fine tune your work flows.
Mobile Asset Management –Avantis software offerings provide maintenance management, spares and inventory management and a complete procurement capability.  This base capability is extended through powerful condition monitoring and management capabilities that can turn huge volumes of production data into actionable asset intelligence in real-time.
Mobile Intelligence—Wonderware Intelligence enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) software provides an information framework, taking Wonderware and non-Wonderware-derived operations data sources to calculate, contextualize, store and present operational key performance indicators.
Mobile MAS—The Mobile Extension for the Invensys Off-sites Movement Automation System (MAS) executes manual field procedures to prepare the line setup for tank farm inventory movements, and communicates updated equipment status in real-time to the control system.
Training & Simulation—3D immersive virtual reality training is a reality through SimSci EYESIM software. It brings the training to workers by simulating real-life conditions in the field for plant start up, maintenance and shut down.
Mobile Reporting—SmartGlance mobile reporting software pushes up-to-date KPIs and plant data to a smartphone or tablet, so users are never out of touch with plant performance.
 Mobile Operations—IntelaTrac software is a mobile workforce management and decision support solution that helps ensure that operators follow best practices and help drive higher plant reliability.

In the new InTouch HMI software, Style Libraries are offered that allow the user to choose color palettes that conform to ASM Consortium guidelines or High-Performance HMI recommendations. These style definitions can also be altered to fit a company’s unique requirements. The ultimate goal of the new InTouch capabilities is focused on creating greater situational awareness for operators. The System Platform supporting the new InTouch software ensures that the information shown on the screen is put into context for the operator through the design templates offered. Initial testing indicates that use of InTouch’s new style definitions and standardized colors can help customers reduce situation interpretation time by 40 percent.
Nuremberg: Didier Collas, Invensys Sr. Business Development Manager, SPS Highlights
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