Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top 10 Business Technology Predictions in 2014

Which business technologies will lead the way in 2014? From mobility to big data analytics, cloud augmented reality, this blog post lists some of the most important ones. 
The LNS Research has put together a list of the main focus areas one can expect experts to be discussing over the next few months.

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1. Mobile: Managing by walking around will continue to occur only more-so with a smartphone in hand Tweet this!
2. Big Data Analytics: Vendors working hard to develop better solutions to harness the growing #bigdata giant.
3. Cybersecurity: With the explosion of connectivity, cybersecurity is set to be front and center in 2014
4. Cloud/SaaS: Most industries have moved to the cloud, but expect legacy-minded ones like manufacturing to catch up.
5. Social Business: Look out for solutions that increasingly mirror today’s widely adopted social platforms.
6. Connected Devices: Overwhelmed with data? 2014 will focus on managing workflows and contextualizing it 
7. Additive Manufacturing: 3D printing is poised to become requisite for sustaining competitiveness in some industries 
8. Augmented Reality: Focus will be on the intelligence behind augmented reality and transforming it into a strong business tool
9. Simulation/3D Visualization: Simulation and 3D Visualization software could be a game-changer for building complex products 
10. Software Platforms/Modular Apps: Modular apps will continue to take the place of monolithic, expensive systems"
Source: LNS Research

Those are the predictions of the researchers team at LNS on 2014 business technology trends. Which one do you think will make the biggest impact next year on manufacturing? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below or feel free to tweet to me @Fogoros.

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