Monday, December 9, 2013

InTouch 2014 — What’s New in the World’s #1 HMI - a brief overview

This blog focuses on the 3 key aspects of the 2014 Wonderware InTouch HMI release, namely Transformational Value, Breakthrough Advanced Engineering Tools, Industrial Automation Aging Workforce.
Transformational Value
Wonderware® InTouch® 2014, the newest version of the world’s favorite Human Machine Interface (HMI) software, delivers truly transformational value. By improving real-time visibility into your processes, InTouch greatly improves operator  effectiveness and increases control of your processes to simplify and enforce standardization and change management.

Breakthrough Advanced Engineering Tools
InTouch 2014 delivers a breakthrough in advanced engineering tools delivering faster time to value, more effective HMI design, better trouble shooting, and ease of application maintenance. InTouch includes numerous new visual enhancements to improve the ability to identify and address abnormal situations before they impact operations. The powerful new tools in InTouch 2014 are more than just a library of ‘graphics’; they enable application builders to focus on creating content and to easily assemble effective HMI applications for simplicity, agility and performance.

Realize -> React ->  Resolve
InTouch 2014 makes it easy to implement and encourage best practices to bring clarity, consistency and meaning to integrated data. With InTouch 2014, both experienced and entry-level operators are more easily able to identify, understand, react to and resolve abnormal situations, which also provides a unique solution to the industry-wide challenge of a retiring workforce.
More features can be found on the "InTouch 2014 — What’s New in the World’s #1 HMI" Datasheet.

The next blog post focuses on the customer problems the new software release solves.
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