Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Top Problems Solved with the New InTouch 2014 HMI

Automation differentiates industrial organizations from the rest of the pack. The limiting factor in most organizations is that they are usually too busy putting out fires and meeting other demanding needs to expand the effort required to build out their industrial automation strategy. Based on my 15 years of experience in the field, building human machine interfaces (HMI) screens task is usually on the bottom of the priorities on most automation projects.With that in mind I have listed the top problems that new 2014 Wonderware InTouch HMI solves and I hope you would keep in mind for your next automation project or when developing your automation strategy.

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Adapt to Change
Today’s operations and plants are becoming larger and more complex with expanded data requirements, increased monitoring load, more alarms, and greater  agility requirements. What’s more, the role of the operator is expanding, which increases the knowledge and expertise requirement yet reduces the time available to dive deeply into any one area. Knowing “what happened” is no longer sufficient; operators need the ability to better interpret and understand information, to know “why,” and to proactively determine how real time changes may affect the future.

Increase Operator Understanding
The industrial world is moving towards organizational empowerment. With workforce transition, experienced workers retiring in greater numbers and younger operators joining the workforce, the need for accelerated knowledge transfer to turn novice workers into experienced workers is greater than ever.

Predictive Capability
Wonderware InTouch HMI 2014 essentially adds years of experience to operators by enhancing the ability to see trends as they are forming, logically predict what may happen, take corrective actions to address problems before they get out of hand, and avoid catastrophic events; all in less time and with greater accuracy and confidence than alternative solutions.

Achieve improved operator awareness and productivity, reduce operational risks,
response time, and system downtime Wonderware InTouch 2014 brings real-time visibility to a new level and transforms the way industrial user interfaces and HMIs are defined, moving from merely presenting data to the next evolution of displaying Information in context. Instead of developing just a library of “symbols”, the new features of InTouch enable application developers to focus on creating highly contextualized and interpretive visual content and assembling the most effective HMI applications and user interfaces for operational excellence and abnormal situation management. With InTouch 2014, the success rate of exception handling can be improved by 37% and the total time required to complete tasks can be reduced by 41%.

Situational Awareness Symbol Wizards: InTouch 2014 includes an easy to use extensive set of ArchestrA® Graphics that provides the necessary information in a clear and intuitive way, enhancing abnormal situation awareness while minimizing errors by allowing operators to more clearly understand their environment and maximize productivity. The Situational Awareness Library with Symbol Wizards makes it easy for application developers to create highly intuitive visual content and custom applications specific to an event. Utilizing this Library can improve operator situation interpretation time 40% faster.
Source: Datasheet “InTouch 2014 — What’s New in the World’s #1 HMI”

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