Monday, January 20, 2014

Greater Control of your process

In this post, I cover two features of Wonderware InTouch 2014, namely symbol locking and element styles, that will enable you to facilitate business-wide standardization, tighter integration, and faster knowledge transfer.

Symbol Locking: Symbol Locking supports enforcement of corporate graphic standards and consistency
of applications across the enterprise while allowing and tracking any necessary customizations at lower
levels of the business.
Element Styles: Typically, HMI applications are developed over time and by many engineers, which could lead to inconsistent standards, use of colors, text, and alarm or event indicators. Element Styles ensure a customer defined HMI look and feel across the enterprise regardless of whom or when it was designed. Every screen across the enterprise can have the same methodology for presenting information in context so that any operator in any plant will understand information in the same consistent manner. Create standardized colors, indicators, text formats, and more to improve operator training, reduce operator confusion, and enable operators to more quickly orient to the critical information without the need for interpretation. All this is engineered and managed in a single user friendly Element Styles Editor tool. Using the centralized management and deployment capability of the Development Studio, one click can update your applications globally.
  • Element Styles (Set Standards) Functionality in ArchestrA Graphics
  • InTouch Supports Element Styles Animation within embedded ArchestrA Graphics symbols
  • Implement Element Styles standards in Situational Awareness Library Symbols

The two screens above are identical except for Element Style. Create customer-defined standardized colors, indicators, text formats, and more for your entire application in one Editor Tool. 
Source: Datasheet “InTouch 2014 — What’s New in the World’s #1 HMI” 

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