Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Higher Engineering Productivity with InTouch 2014

Advanced engineering tools for faster application development, quicker troubleshooting, increased productivity, and easier application maintenance are just some features you can expect to see in the Wonderware InTouch 2014. This blog post provides a peak view at: Symbol Wizards, Animation Capabilities, Content-aware Script Editor, Quick Script Exception Handling, XML Import or Export Capability and why you may be interested in them.
Symbol Wizards: The new patent-pending Symbol Wizards enable maximum flexibility and
standardization in configuration and orientation of symbols while minimizing application assembly
and maintenance effort. Symbol Wizards enable engineers to choose custom configuration options
such as graphical elements, scripts, and custom properties and automatically assemble them into a
single composite symbol. Composite symbols with multiple configurations reduce the number of
required ArchestrA Symbols that need to be created for an application.
No programming or external toolkit needed as Symbol Wizards are defined, created, and
managed in a single environment.
Each Symbol Wizard can be easily configured into many different visual and functional symbols
Animation Capabilities: InTouch 2014 includes the ability to animate many of the Graphics and
Element Styles. Graphic animations are directly linked to real-time data values to dynamically reshape
the multi-point Graphic elements as data changes. This animation capability automates high level
geometric mathematical formulas to enable engineers to create animated Pie Charts, Polar Stars,
Polylines, Curves, Polygons, and Closed Curves that visually reshape in real-time. Direct, indirect, and
associated relationships of multiple data points can be visually represented in a graphic to enable
operators to clearly understand when a process is within acceptable boundaries or which part of the
process is out of alignment or possibly moving out of alignment. This animation transforms mere
static graphics into contextually rich moving pictures to make them even more effective.
  • Supports a number of built-in animations, including Points Animation (polygons, rectangles, polarstar), Element Styles Animation, Start / Sweep Angle Animation of Arc, Chord and Pie graphic elements.
  • Enables the implementation of Element Styles standards in Situational Awareness Library andother symbols
Content-aware Script Editor: A comprehensive new “Auto-Complete” behavior in the Script Editor
anticipates the engineer’s next move and provides intelligent choices that match the likely intent.
InTouch 2014 consolidates all scripting work within one development environment and helps shorten
script engineering time by 40%.
Some of the new features are as follows:
  • Auto-complete in Script Editors and Graphic Editor Expressions
  • Line-numbers, Multi-level undo, automatic syntax checking
  • Multi level Undo-Redo
  • Line Numbering
  • Consistent color coding
  • Syntax error indication
Quick Script Exception Handling: InTouch 2014 enables rapid trouble shooting and debugging of
scripts using powerful exception handling. It comes with new Logging functions for error, warning,
and trace to simplify the process of debugging scripts.
XML Import or Export Capability: Expanding further upon Invensys’ Open Format philosophy,
InTouch 2014 now permits publishing of graphic elements in an open format schema to support the
programmatic import and export of graphic elements and most animations with advanced editors.
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