Thursday, January 16, 2014

Improved Real-Time Visibility into your process with InTouch 2014

The newly released Wonderware InTouch® 2014 and its out of the “box” Situational Awareness Library with Symbol Wizards enables you to achieve improved operator awareness and productivity, reduce operational risks, response time, and system downtime. This blog post has a sample list of the tools that helps you get those benefits.
The InTouch 2014 includes an easy to use extensive set of ArchestrA® Graphics that provides the necessary information in a clear and intuitive way, enhancing abnormal situation awareness while minimizing errors by allowing operators to more clearly understand their environment and maximize productivity. The Situational Awareness Library with Symbol Wizards makes it easy for application developers to create highly intuitive visual content and custom applications specific to an event. Utilizing this Library can improve operator situation interpretation time 40% faster. 
Sample Symbols:
  • Dashboard Symbols
  • Alarm Symbols
  • Equipment Symbols
  • Input Symbols
  • Instrumentation Symbols
  • Status Symbols
  • Advanced Symbols – Polar Star
  • Equipment Symbols – Valves, Agitator, Tank
  • Many other Symbols – Level Meter, Hand Switch, Output Bar, etc.
Source: Datasheet “InTouch 2014 — What’s New in the World’s #1 HMI”
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