Friday, January 24, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to get Certified within the Invensys Partner Ecosystem

When industrial organizations evaluate potential solution providers for their automation projects, they must carefully weigh the technical capabilities of the firms being considered. They recognize that not all partners are equal. Some provide better services than others; some have more technical expertise. Moreover, these companies benefit from using an objective measurement for evaluating potential System Integrators (SIs), Value-added Resellers (VARs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for their projects. 
Certification programs offer an objective, quantitative means for measuring and rewarding the technical skills of the solution providers who implement complex systems using today’s advanced technologies. Such programs enable industrial organizations to select the right partner for the right project. They also give partner companies a concrete methodology for fostering the talent and expertise of their application developers. 
Certification within the Invensys Partner Ecosystem gives industrial and manufacturing companies using Wonderware industrial automation and information software solutions the peace of mind that the solution providers with whom they collaborate on projects know how to get the most functionality and capabilities from Wonderware software. On the other side of the coin, partners who enroll in the Invensys Partner Ecosystem get access to customers who rely on Wonderware software: the largest installed base in the industry. ( over 700,000 licenses) 
Certification within the Invensys Partner Ecosystem offers the following benefits:
1. Advancement in a technical career includes mastering technologies and staying a step ahead in the use of state-of-the-art software products. This program offers a meaningful credential to celebrate an important technical milestone for control systems and automation engineers and developers.
2. Program participation enables developers to upgrade and improve their skills using the most current versions of Wonderware software.
3. Certified Application Developers gain access to our award-winning Technical Support staff, which provide invaluable advice and provide quick and easy access to problem-solving techniques.
4. Participants in the program are given access to advanced problem-resolution information in the Technical Support database.
5. Wonderware Certified Partners are given opportunities to participate in the Beta Testing Cycle for Wonderware products. Participants get a preview into the latest Wonderware product enhancements and can thus stay ahead of the market. They’re also the first to learn about new features and techniques associated with new product releases, and can provide feedback on the new products prior to release.
6. Participants in the program are given access to advanced problem-resolution information in the Technical Support database.
7. Both the company and the individual developers will earn rights to use the Wonderware Certified logos.
8. Official certificates will be issued to individual developers who become certified in the use of specific Wonderware products.
9. Developers receive a Certified Developer Credentials Card that lists their name, company, distributor and all of their Product Certifications.
10. Wonderware Certified Partners get special invitations to the Invensys Operations Management events and training sessions
Source: “The Value of Certification within the Invensys Partner Ecosystem” 
Mike Aldridge, Ecosystem Competency Manager
For more information, download the White Paper: The Value of Certification within the Invensys Partner Ecosystem

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