Sunday, February 23, 2014

New 2014 Manufacturing Trends By Infosys [Infographic]

Infosys, a global technology consultant with over $8BN annual revenue and over 158000 employees recently published an infographic with the 2014 top trends in manufacturing. Click to see more details or read the whole article.

8 Manufacturing Trends For 2014

  • "Trend # 1: Plug-and-play factory and predictive asset analytics.
    • The plug-and-play factory
    • Predictive asset analytics:  
  • Trend # 2: The rise of enterprise mobility solutions
  • Trend # 3: The Industrial Internet : 
    • (a) Connected cars:  
    • (b) Digital aviation:  
    • (c) Smart machines:  
  • Trend # 4: Additive manufacturing or 3D printing 
  • Trend # 5: Manufacturing gets social
  • Trend # 6: The birth of new manufacturing models
    • (a) The emerging ‘manuservice’ model: . 
    • (b) ‘Nearshoring’"
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