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Save the date: InTouch Machine Edition, Lake Forest California training October 14-17, 2014

Where is the  InTouch Machine Edition class held and how long does it last?
The InTouch® Machine Edition 2014 course is a 4-day, instructor-led class designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the features and functionality of the InTouch Machine Edition software. InTouch® Machine Edition enables End Users and Machine builders to quickly create intuitive, secure, and highly maintainable HMI applications for intelligent machines and on a variety of low level devices using embedded operating systems. The class will be held in the main Wonderware by Schneider Electric office located at 10 Orchard Lake Forest, CA 92630 866-998-7246 . 15-minute breaks will be offered in the morning and afternoon, and an hour for lunch. The instructor will also be available after class and during breaks for any follow-up on that day’s topics.

Who should attend:
Application developers, engineers, system integrators, consultants, and other individuals (Programmers, OEMs) who need to use InTouch Machine Edition in their manufacturing processes or for machine, panel and system builders.
Why you should attend?
  • Well first off, breakfast, lunch and refreshments will be provided.
  • Explore Southern California; that is after you get a good understanding of the subjects below.
  • Need more reasons? Take a look at all the topics covered and everything will be provided to you.
What will be covered?
The course provides lectures and hands-on labs to supply and reinforce the knowledge necessary to use InTouch Machine Edition to develop an HMI for their specific plant floor environment using basic InTouch Machine Edition elements. This HMI application will be developed using many of the InTouch Machine Edition software features and functionality such as Tags, Classes, Indirect Addressing, Animation, Symbols, Scripting, Alarms, Real Time and Historical Trending, Reports, Recipes (many types including XML), Store-and-Forward Historian (including the Wonderware Historian, PLC Drivers, Remote Troubleshooting, Remote Clients and Project Security, Application Backup) and more. The class uses an intensive hands-on approach, including building a complete project from scratch. The student may choose to create the project along with the instructor, and at the end of the training will be able to take their project as well as the instructor’s home with them for future reference.

What will be provided?
Each student will receive a copy of the InTouch Machine Edition installation, notebook, and USB flash drive for the class project. Coffee, breakfast, soft drinks, snacks and lunch will be provided.

Can I bring my own laptop to use?
Each student will have their own PC to use during the class. While you may bring your own laptop to use in the class, it is recommended to use the provided hardware to access all the available resources on the training network. If you choose to use your own laptop, we highly recommend the PC has the following software installed:
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate (with the user as a local administrator)
  • Windows 8.x (*)
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows 2008 Server
  • Windows 2012 Server
  • InTouch Machine Edition 7.1 or later
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008
  • Microsoft Excel 2003 or later

What are the capabilities of the project created during the InTouch Machine Edition Training course?
During the training, the entire class will each create a project from scratch, each subject building on the last. At the end of the training, the project will be able to:
  • Connect to a PLC and send/retrieve data
  • Display a navigable, multiple screen interface
  • Allow for control and display of data in a graphical interface
  • Show examples of all graphical objects and animations
  • Save data, alarms, and events to a database (Wonderware Historian)
  • Use both .NET and ActiveX controls
  • Load, save and view Recipes and Reports
  • Be connected by multiple Thin Clients
  • Learn about the interface to the Wonderware Portfolio (Historian, System Platform)
What are the course requirements? Do I need to know InTouch Machine Edition before the course?
It is not necessary to be familiar with InTouch Machine Edition to attend the course. However, due to the intensive hands-on nature of the course, each student is required to be familiar with personal computers, the Windows Operating System. In addition, to get the most out of the course it is also helpful for the student to have a basic understanding of the Windows file structure, HMI for Machines, databases, and/or script-based programming.
What will be covered on each day?
Generally the topics covered typically follow this order:
  • Introduction, InTouch Machine Edition resources, Tags and Communication
  • Screens and graphics
  • Scripting, Data logging and Alarms
  • Security, Remote Access, Recipes , Reports, Databases and Q&A
The complete standard syllabus is available on request.
What will the student have on completion of the course?
At the end of the training, the student will have a copy of both the instructor’s project as well as their own on the provided USB flash drive, the notebook used in class.
Will VbScript training be included in the InTouch Machine Edition Training?
Because InTouch Machine Edition supports using the VbScript programming language, there will be some use of VbScript throughout the week, including instruction on basic syntax and structure. However, since this course is an introduction to InTouch Machine Edition, most of the scripting instruction will be focused on the InTouch ME Built-in language. 
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