Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wonderware System Platform and Wonderware InTouch 2014 R2 Upcoming Release Highlights

Wonderware Supervisory HMI SCADA empowers customers to secure their future by protecting the operational integrity of their plants, enhancing the operational insight of its people, and enabling them to adapt easily to change.
The combination of last year’s major release and this upcoming release of Wonderware Supervisory HMI SCADA software directly addresses customers’ needs to accelerate their business, manage change, increase flexibility, and capitalize on recent technology breakthroughs.  In fact this latest version includes the largest number and highest value customer requested enhancements ever in an R2 release and continues to build on six core customer focused themes:

  • Improving Best Practices in HMI Design
  • Advancing Situational Awareness  even further
  • Achieving Comprehensive system-wide Standards
  • Simplifying Engineering Workflows
  • Improving Engineering Efficiency
  • Extending Connectivity and Integration 

The release is scheduled to be available for order later this year. 
Key benefits of the 2014 R2 release:
  • Simple to follow Best Practices in HMI Design and new out-of-the-box content to ensure you get the greatest gains with less effort
  • Extensive Design Tools to deliver Situational Awareness to operations teams and management significantly improve both the business value and the safety of the industrial systems
  • Advanced design workflows to create, maintain, and enforce system-wide Standards ensuring greater consistency of operations, shorter learning curves, and lower training costs
  • Simplified Design Workflow and Graphic Library to enable design and maintenance engineers to more easily utilize the most advanced design capabilities with less training
  • Internationally localized Development environment to enable non-English speaking engineers to design and develop HMI applications in their native language
  • Improved Alarm management minimizes nuisance alarms while enhancing operator focus on critical alarms
  • Improved Engineering Workflows for connectivity to all major brand controllers drastically reduces engineering time, pre-validates and improves connectivity accuracy, and minimizes the need for troubleshooting
  • Superior upgrading experience of primary and failover environments allows existing customers to upgrade easily and quickly with minimum interruption
  • Simple conversion of older HMI application Windows to advanced Graphics make upgrading existing applications and staying with the latest technology a snap
  • Improved diagnostics and management capabilities accelerate troubleshooting and minimize maintenance effort 
  • Continuation of Wonderware’s unrivaled uninterrupted migration path from legacy applications to the most recent version and technologies

Key capabilities of the 2014 R2 release:
  •  Alarm Shelving support
  •  New Alarm Client Symbols preconfigure grouping and aggregation of active and historical Alarms by severity
  •  Plant-State based Alarm suppression
  •  Consolidated Attribute Definition Editor for local and field IO references <Unified Object Namespace>
  •  I/O Auto Assignment of attribute references to field devices based on naming conventions
  •  Drag and Drop association of objects to field devices
  •  Live pre-validation of field references prior to deployment
  •  Support for continued operation of redundant Engine pairs during upgrades
  •  Health monitoring improvements in System Management Console (SMC) for Platforms and Engines
  •  Failover support for Engines from SMC
  •  Improved Platform removal support using SMC
  •  Built-in Galaxy Scrubber for Upgrades
  •  Increased historization and storage throughput of System Platform Alarms and Events
  •  Highly Scalable Historian native Alarm and Event History Management
  • Automatic port management of ArchestrA Services
  • Automatic configuration of Microsoft SQL Server default settings for Galaxies
  • New option for separate installation of Historian and Historian Client software
  • New History Summary data type simplifies presenting historical summary data in graphic animations and data displays
  • Conversion of InTouch Windows to ArchestrA Graphics
  • Conversion of legacy InTouch application to Modern application
  • Instantaneous InTouch ViewApp Change Propagation
  • Auto-Complete improvements in naming and scripting
  • New Symbol Connectors and Connection Points
  • Localized ArchestrA Graphics Editor
  • Three New Sets of Situational Awareness Symbols (High Performance HMI)
  • New ‘Modern’ InTouch application with ArchestrA Graphics, Zero IDE
  • Graphic Toolbox fully integrated into WindowMaker
  • Advanced Numeric Formatting
  • New GetCPQuality Script Function
  • Enhanced ShowGraphic and HideGraphic Script Functions Applies to Application Server only, not InTouch standalone

Where can I see more?

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