Sunday, November 23, 2014

25 New Tech Trends for Entrepreneurs [Weekend Read]  has recently published a list of the top 25 tech tips, trends and megatrends: what's new now, what will be new tomorrow and what you can expect to grapple with even farther down the road. Take a look at the full article and you will see full descriptions and tips to help you keep that next new day under control.
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Here is the list of topics covered:
  • Web-based office software
  • Mobile business apps
  • The touch kiosk
  • Office in a box
  • Business-class text messaging
  • The interactive sales pitch
  • Bigger, faster and better office networks
  • The smarter ledger
  • The wall outlet that pays for itself
  • Translation software goes mainstream
  • The super-smart browser
  • The appliance app
  • Talking to your computer
  • PC-less desktop imaging
  • The 3-D peripheral
  • The high-tech ceiling fan
  • The ultraportable office
  • Videoconferencing for everyone
  • Everything goes automatic
  • The projectable PC interface
  • The flexible display
  • The solar-powered office
  • A smarter delivery van
  • Making your inventory talk
  • The virtual you
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