Friday, November 14, 2014

Case Study: Microsoft is the Foundation for Vector Limited and together with Wonderware Software Improves Product/Process Integration by over 30%

Wonderware products that are integrated with Microsoft technologies allow for:
  • Better visibility of plant operations
  • Better integration between plant and controls (automation)
Use Case
Uses the following Wonderware software products:
  • Wonderware InTouch
  • Wonderware Historian (InSQL)
  • Wonderware Historian Client (ActiveFactory)
Image Source: Vector Limited
In the upstream oil and gas industry.
Currently using the following Microsoft products:
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Mobile (phones, tablets)
  • Windows OS’s
  • Virtualization (Hyper-V)

Takes advantage of the partnership of Microsoft and Wonderware Software in the following ways:
  • Adopt new operating systems
  • Become educated on new, upcoming technologies and products
  • Easily acquire and use SQL Server
Found that the following capabilities differentiated Wonderware Software from the competition:
  • Integration capabilities (business to automation, MES to controls)
  • Technology offered: mobile, cloud, SaaS, big data
  • Product capabilities: visualization
  • Product capabilities: operations (OEE, MES, Quality)
  • Product capabilities: reporting and analysis
Realized the following benefits due to the Microsoft/Wonderware partnership alliance:
  • Improved plant-to-business integration
  • Improved process or operational visibility
Saw the following improvements due to the Wonderware/Microsoft partnership:
  • Improved technology adoption and usage: 10-20%
  • Improved product/process integration: over 30%
  • Increased productivity: 5-10%
Source: TechValidate. TVID: 317-78F-89C

“Microsoft is the foundation within our larger organization; the advantage moving forward for the business and the need to migrate data from the process world to the business world depends on the ease of integration between systems. The company strategy relies on process data dissemination within the organization.”

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