Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 2014 Wonderware HMI/SCADA Blog Posts

We had a busy 2014 here at Schneider Electric, bringing you the latest HMI/SCADA Wonderware Software related news, adding a few products to our Wonderware portfolio, including  the 2014 release, one of the most significant breakthroughs in HMI design in over 20 years, identifying the most important challenges, and trends in the, manufacturing operations and while a few of our recent blog posts focus on the latest features and upcoming ones, I thought I’d take a look at what you—my readers—found to be the most compelling topics and stories of 2014.
Innovation stage presentation: Machine Performance, OEE and OMAC PackML made easy
OMAC PackML is a standard for representing machine state, mode and reason code. The standard proposes a common way to represent machine status through a defined interface. This is essential for downtime analysis and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculations.
The proposed 2nd edition of ISA Technical Report TR88.00.02 (OMAC PackML) will simplify the use of the standard, but there are still obstacles to overcome. OMAC PackML is traditionally implemented in a PLC, but not all PLCs are suited for this purpose as they do not have the necessary memory, CPU or communication capabilities. In this presentation you will learn how Wonderware InTouch Machine Edition can be used to implement PackML. This is a more flexible, powerful and cost effective solution than replacing the PLC. The presentation will further show how information can be used for downtime analysis and OEE calculations in continuous improvement programs.

This post summarizes the impact of human error in Industrial Operations. According to a recent  white paper, “Situational Awareness: The Next Leap in Industrial Human Machine Interface Design, these “errors, or mistakes, account for 42% of abnormal situations in industrial systems. These abnormal situations have a direct correlation to economic losses and safety concerns.

Top 5 trends that currently drive the needs of the modern industrial HMI application
This blog post reviews the industrial operators interface evolution and covers his findings on the trends that currently drive the needs of the industrial HMI application. 
Wonderware Supervisory HMI SCADA empowers customers to secure their future by protecting the operational integrity of their plants, enhancing the operational insight of its people, and enabling them to adapt easily to change.

This blog post covers a short video that shows how InTouch Machine Edition Human Machine Interface (HMI) integrates with RSLogix 5000 to have a single tag database for ControlLogix and CompactLogix PLCs. The first integration is done in about one minute and the full tank system is built in less than four minutes.

The video below provides a brief overview on what is situational awareness. 
The combination of last year’s major release and this upcoming release of Wonderware Supervisory HMI SCADA software directly addresses customers’ needs to accelerate their business, manage change, increase flexibility, and capitalize on recent technology breakthroughs.  In fact this latest version includes the largest number and highest value customer requested enhancements ever in an R2 release and continues to build on six core customer focused themes: 

  • Improving Best Practices in HMI Design
  • Advancing Situational Awareness  even further
  • Achieving Comprehensive system-wide Standards
  • Simplifying Engineering Workflows
  • Improving Engineering Efficiency
  • Extending Connectivity and Integration 

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