Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Benefits of the Wonderware System Platform 2014 R2

In one of my earlier blog posts, I provided a quick overview of the Wonderware System Platform R2 and key capabilities of the latest release. This post focuses on the benefits of the new version of the System Platform R 2, such as increased operator awareness, more effective alarms and Simple Field Device Connectivity for your visualization and supervisory applications.
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Innovation that Leads the Industry
Wonderware System Platform 2014 R2 extends its reputation  for innovation, ease of use, and central system design, management and control even further by improving design workflows, dramatically simplifying field device connectivity, adding smart new engineering and alarm tools, and maximizing the management and efficient storage and utilization of historical alarm and event data.
Complexity Simplified
New simple to follow Best Practices in HMI design and easy-to-use conversion tools reduce engineering costs and time and ensure consistency of HMI designs.  These tools shorten design time and the learning curve for novice engineers.   Upgrading existing applications is quick and convenient - easily convert older applications to advanced graphics that capitalize on the latest technology.
Increase Operator Awareness
The expanded Situational Awareness Symbol Library  and extensive improvements in design workflows and alarm management capabilities facilitate greater operator awareness and extend real-time visibility into your processes and minimize nuisance alarms. These improvements greatly enhance the ability for both experienced and entry-level operators to focus on what is most important and helps them identify, understand, react to and resolve, abnormal situations more easily.
More Effective Alarming
New Alarm Shelving and ‘Plant State’ based alarm suppression features minimize nuisance alarms, which improves operator attention to more critical events.   New Alarm Client Symbols take advantage of the these capabilities to visually present aggregated active and historical alarm information. Alarms are grouped by severity and shelving status to further simplify the engineering effort and improve operator awareness and prioritization of alarms.
Simple Field Device Connectivity
The new I/O Auto Assignment feature, matches attribute references to field devices based on manufacturer naming conventions to enable drag-and-drop association of objects to field references prior to deployment. This powerful new feature drastically reduces engineering time and frustration, enables live pre-validation of connectivity, and improves connectivity accuracy. All major brand industrial controllers are supported.
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To see the full extent of the 2014 R2 release, check out the ‘Wonderware HMI and Supervisory Solutions What’s New in 2014 R2’ datasheet.
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