Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Galaxy Toolbox Graphics Bulk Import Demo and Business Value

This video was developed by our partners Code 192 & Software Toolbox and it shows you how to use Galaxy Toolbox in Wonderware System Platform in order to use CAD drawings and embedded meta-data to build automation objects and set their operational attributes as well as build ArchestrA graphics as vector objects. See how, according to Software Tollbox, this tool can save you hundreds of hours of engineering time.

Watch a 2 minutes overview and learn how Galaxy Toolbox add-ins for Wonderware System Platform reduce your engineering time by simplifying common tasks and even accomplishing things that without Galaxy Toolbox are impossible to accomplish! Simple to install, it seamlessly integrates with the System Platform IDE. Visithttp://galaxytoolbox.com to learn more!

Business Value of the Galaxy Toolbox
  • System Integrators save time in development, project management, and most importantly, field commissioning time, the place where project profitability is won or lost! Special licenses for SI’s are provided to meet their unique needs.
  • OEM Users can leverage their own drafting standards to reduce their time to market for new equipment and decrease software implementation costs.
  • End Users can use the Galaxy ToolBox to enforce standards in orer to achieve consistent applications and to know the health of their Galaxy objects.

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