Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Diving In Series: ArchestrA Graphics As Functions for other graphics

In this video, the Wonderware North American System Consultants, cover the benefits of  ArchestrA Graphics as "functions" for other graphics and examples for using it.
Benefits of using ArchestrA Graphics As Functions
  • Provide a single place to make changes
  • Provide consistency across multiple graphics
  • Allow you to identify everywhere that logic is used

Application examples:
  • Adding debug logic or LogMessages
  • Creating animation timers
  • Storing parameters to and retrieving from the AppDomain
  • Encode/decode bit mapping to bytes, integers, etc.
  • Parsing comma separated variables to individual values
  • Associating equipment colors with product names
Who should watch?
  • Anyone developing HMI or SCADA applicatons with Wonderware System Platform or Wonderware InTouch: control and process engineers, IT professionals

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