Thursday, February 26, 2015

Diving In Series: Using the ArchestrA Graphics "Show Graphic()" Function

By watching this video you will learn more about how to use the ArchestrA Graphics "Show Graphic()" Function.

Benefits of ArchestrA Graphics:
ArchestrA Graphics are one of the most significant enhancements in InTouch over the past several years. They provide numerous advantages over traditional symbols for both engineers and operators. They have become the standard graphics of choice due their ease of use, versatility, reusability, power and proven track record.

2014 R2 introduces a new type of InTouch application called ‘Modern App’ that provides the versatility, power and benefits of ArchestrA Graphics with traditional InTouch ease of use. Modern Apps make using ArchestrA Graphics very easy because the application is fully designed within WindowMaker, no IDE required. The improved development workflow enables engineers familiar with InTouch WindowMaker and Tag based applications to continue utilizing their standard design practices yet with the more flexible and powerful ArchestrA Graphics. The Modern App design workflow also shortens the training cycle for new design engineers.

For Engineers: Higher Application Integrity, Faster Implementations, Lower Engineering Costs

  • Design, distribute and enforce graphical component standards for greater application consistency and optimized application design and maintenance using Element Styles, Numeric Formatting, and graphic protection.
  • Shorten initial and maintenance design phases using graphic template change propagation which enables engineers to make a change once and propagate it throughout the entire application
  • Resolution independent graphics can be resized or stretched without losing original visual quality, they improve Window display performance, and can be designed in one resolution and reused without distortion in a different resolution
  • Save time and effort in your multiple language projects by entering translations as you design the application using multi-language switching in-place translations capability
  • Design highly configurable optimized templates without any code development using a richer set of intuitive animation and graphical design tools for flexible, reusable, and lean graphics
  • Integrate the power of the latest feature-rich Microsoft technology .NET controls and third party designed controls to enhance application usability

Expand the power of each graphic with unlimited use of Custom Properties and scripts For Operators: 
  • More Efficient and Intuitive UIs, Improved Operator Awareness, Fewer Shutdowns
  • Convey more information in less time using less window real estate and decrease multiple screen navigation
  • More consistent standards based application design increases operator awareness and decreases training time for new operators
  • The Situational Awareness Library of ArchestrA Graphics are a superior approach to presenting more information in less time to operators. This enables operators to focus on more useful informational displays, shortens the time to identify a problem, and minimizes distraction and fatigue. This results in greater visibility to the most important situations, prevention of excursions from “normal”, reduction in disruptions and downtime, and greater focus on opportunities to improve performance, safety and reduction in costs of operations.

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Who should watch?
Anyone using Wonderware System Platform, Application Server: control and process engineers, IT professionals

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