Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wonderware Alarm Adviser 2014 R2 - Transforming alarm data into actionable insights

As you may have seen during the Software Global Customer Conference in Orlando, Florida, Wonderware Alarm Adviser is an interactive, web-based tool for visual analysis of historical alarm data. It provides an instant view of the alarm profile over time and the alarm activity of the selected time window. This allows engineers to quickly analyze alarm patterns and identify nuisance alarms that can lead to operator distractions. Identifying and managing these nuisance alarms results in increased operator productivity and decreased operator stress. Furthermore, the risk of distraction, mistakes, system downtime, and catastrophic events are minimized.
Alarm Adviser supports HTML5 technology for device and operating system independence.
It has seamless connectivity to InTouch, System Platform and Wonderware Historian among other industrial software packages.

Key capabilities:
  • Provides an instant view of alarm profile over time and alarm activity of the selected time window. The graph shows the total alarms for aggregated time periods and a distribution of alarm severities. The dashboard view delivers a range of user configurable widgets.
  • Allows users to filter and examine alarms by priority, time of day, process, alarm category, frequency, and plant area to systematically work through and improve each part of the system.
  • Top 10 views show what alarms should be targeted first; these views show Pareto charts of the most frequent, fleeting (short duration), and standing (long duration) alarms.
  • Alarm statistics provide instant feedback on alarms in the current time period and the currently selected alarm to help determine the severity and cause of the issue.
  • The consequence view facilitates the discovery of correlation between alarms; whereby one or more alarms were triggered as a result of another alarm. This valuable information greatly improves the ability of an engineer to discover the root cause of an issue. This is especially valuable during major disruptions or an alarm flood situation.
  • User favorites allow filters and time periods to be saved and shared with other users for collaboration or being able to recall a pre-defined analysis period.

Key benefits:
  • Interactive alarm analysis helps monitor and manage plant’s health more efficiently
  • Users can set KPI targets and compare recent and past performance to track their improvement over time
  • Reduced quantity of alarms and improved notification quality of alarm system
  • Identifies bad actors and nuisance alarm conditions easier than before
  • Improved operator awareness and effectiveness
  • Reduced time and effort required to diagnose plant upsets or incidents
  • Reduced risks of unplanned downtime
  • Improved plant safety and reliability

More information about the release will be available in the next few weeks. If you have specific questions, contact Gary Nelson or Suman Singh.

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