Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wonderware Software Solutions Key Benefits and Capabilities for OEM’s and VARs

The Wonderware brand has a long history with OEMs to deliver innovative solutions. Over many years, thousands of OEMs across a wide range of industry sectors have registered with the Wonderware OEM Program, and we clearly understand the unique needs of our customers. With those needs in mind, Schneider Electric has designed software to be open, extensible, and extremely scalable. With Wonderware software, OEMs have the capability to reduce the time it takes to develop and maintain their solutions. Combining an OEM system with Wonderware software results in an affordable, easy-to-use solution that enhances overall product functionality and flexibility. It provides your end user with an enhanced experience and increased potential for future expansion. Schneider Electric has a multi-tiered program of support and technology sharing designed to support and collaborate with our OEMs and Value Added Resellers (VARs). Wonderware has been used across a wide range of industries – Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductors, Steel, Water & Wastewater, Material Handling, Packaging and many others. OEMs can also join our Innovation Partner Network as a way to market and showcase their solutions to end users and connect with other Wonderware Partners.

  • Stunning graphic visual representation and interaction with your operation brings the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Easy integration with your customers’ existing platforms and enterprise systems, protecting previous customer investments (Wonderware portfolio, MES, ERP, OEE/line management applications)
  • Quick customization (templates) for a consistent approach over multiple applications and standardization
  • Scalability from single to multi-node architectures, to fit a wide range of equipment or applications
  • Legendary ease-of-use enables developers and operators to quickly and easily be more productive
  • Unequaled device integration and connectivity to almost any device or system
  • Uninterrupted software version migration path history means your HMI applications investment is protected
  • Flexibility to grow (240+ PLC protocols, backward compatibility software)
  • Lower cost of maintenance and improved uptime through superior diagnostic capabilities
  • Improved time to market and faster time to achieve return on investment through re-use of applications and engineering effort
  • Opportunity for Maintenance as a Service with Wonderware Online Capabilities
  • Resolution-independent graphics enable you to leverage multiple device form factors
  • Intelligent symbols visually bring your facility to life right on your computer screen
  • Sophisticated scripting extends and customizes applications for your specific needs
  • Real-time distributed alarming with historical views for analysis
  • Historical data collection and advanced trending (real-time and historical) with powerful reporting capabilities for regulatory and operational purposesMicrosoft® ActiveX controls and .NET controls integration
  • Extensible library of over 500 pre-designed ‘intelligent’ and customizable graphic and object symbols
  • Open, extensible software platform 

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