Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Success Factors in Yamatake’s growth

Last post covered the Goals, Challenges, Savings,  Results that enabled Yamatake to grow the sales by 50%.Savings for Yamatake Result in Savings for Customers Yamatake’s rapid growth also might be attributed to another of its guiding tenets: to support not only its own assets, but also those of its customers and the community.

With Wonderware software, Yamatake enjoys reduced engineering costs and development time. The Wonderware Graphics Library supplies easy-to-customize, pre-built graphics that enable standardization and repeatability. Engineers can create designs quickly with drag-and-drop simplicity. This means set up and deployment of new systems is as efficient as possible.

And while these important capabilities give Yamatake a competitive edge to win current business, Wonderware also helps the corporation provide long-term value to customers. Wonderware software solutions are upward compatible, so all applications that have been created since 1995 will run on any current or future version of the software. This is a huge factor today as customers search out solutions that will conserve their investment costs and minimize potential risk.
Progress that Preserves the Environment
Another part of Yamatake’s philosophy is to contribute to the global environment by decreasing environmental impact. One example of this is the company’s commitment to increasing the effi ciency of offi ce buildings, production plants, hospitals, shopping centers and homes. Wonderware assists as Yamatake meets sustainability goals even as its solutions enhance safety, comfort and fulfi llment in their customers’ lives.
Elite Service and Support
It’s understandable that a worldwide operation such as Yamatake has unique and far-reaching demands for service and support. As the largest Wonderware VAR/OEM customer, the corporation is a part of the Wonderware OEM Tech Advantage Program, which provides the highest level of technical support.
In cooperation with Canon IT Solutions, Inc., a Wonderware system integrator partner in Japan, Yamatake receives technical training and comprehensive support. This partnership ensures that Wonderware can fulfi ll its goal to keep customers’ mission-critical applications operational at all times and to continuously improve. 
A Powerful Combination of Products and People
As Yamatake moves into the next 100 years, it continues to grow as a worldwide leader in the manufacture and marketing of automation systems and equipment by focusing on value, service and sustainability. Wonderware is alongside with software solutions that bring a versatile and open platform for ease of use, swift deployment and upward compatibility as well as immediate and extensive technical support. Future success will be possible because of the common strength that fuels both Yamatake and Wonderware – dedicated people working together to serve their customers.
Source: Originally published on: Wonderware.com: Success Story: Yamatake Oct 2009

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