Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What are the Wonderware OEM products?

Wonderware OEM products are a comprehensive set of industrial software solutions that assist you on your path to greater business success. All Wonderware software solutions are tightly integrated to help improve your business today, and expand your operations in the future; so you can start small and grow your business at your own pace with peace of mind that Wonderware solutions will grow with you. Schneider Electric has solutions from single machine HMI to full line or plant supervision.

InTouch Machine Edition is designed to run in a small footprint and require minimum system resources such as drive space (including solid state drives) and memory space, and flexible install options are supplied as a license or preconfigured on the hardware. It also provides web client access to the machine HMI and connectivity to Wonderware System Platform and Historian.
Wonderware InTouch is an open and extensible solution that enables users to quickly and easily create and standardized, reusable, industrial applications; maximizing return on engineering, shortening project times, reducing risk and significantly reducing total cost of ownership.
Wonderware System Platform extends InTouch to provide scalability, redundancy and services, creating a robust industrial operating system. Wonderware System Platform provides a highly efficient and centralized industrial software infrastructure that helps drive standards and helps you to develop, manage and maintain your industrial applications with exceptional scalability and openness. These services allow you to build a single, unified “Plant Model” that logically represents processes, physical equipment and industrial systems – even legacy systems – to make the design and maintenance of these systems more efficient, more flexible, and lower risk.
Wonderware Skelta BPM is by far the fastest way to add sophisticated workflows to your solutions or products. Wonderware Skelta BPM provides a tool for collaboration, allowing workflows to integrate with your processes for defining activities and trigger events that can drive responses such as maintenance, corrective action, or review procedures.
Wonderware Historian is a high speed database capable of capturing high resolution data from industrial equipment and processes. Data from Wonderware Historian can be used for troubleshooting, process or equipment optimization, regulatory compliance, resolving warranty issues and much more. Wonderware Historian is offered as a traditional standalone solution, or on a yearly subscription basis for the highest level of flexibility. Wonderware Online offering combines data historization, trend analysis and mobile reporting capabilities into a single, easy to implement packaged information solution. Regardless of the type of Wonderware Historian you choose, the information delivered will help you manage your installed base more efficiently while helping your clients gain the highest level of value from your products. Wonderware Historian can lower your costs, improve customer satisfaction and gain an important competitive advantage for your company.
Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus reduces the effort to manage your product formulations and setup specifications on automated production equipment and machines in manufacturing. Powerful, ready-to-use configuration and operator user interface functionality, deep governance (rolebased security, change management with item versioning and approval) and electronic history records offer fast time to value and empower your operational teams to improve productivity and quality.
InTouch Panel PCs are ruggedized for harsh environments and come pre-installed with the operating system, drivers and Wonderware software needed for fast and easy implementation.
InTouch Panel PCs come preinstalled with best-of-breed Wonderware software, giving you tight integration with the Wonderware software portfolio and the Wonderware support network. This is a complete solution, from small footprint ( InTouch Machine Edition) machine level HMI software to whole plant supervisory visualization solutions with InTouch and InTouch for System Platform, on one simplified order, and one number to call for support 

InTouch Access Anywhere is the newest extension of InTouch. It provides access to InTouch applications via HTML5-compliant web browsers and enables visualization, collaboration and execution at various levels of your organization with no client installation and no maintenance. InTouch Access Anywhere lets users securely troubleshoot plant equipment from any location, on any device, at any time. Now, mobile workers can take InTouch 2014 applications with them, staying informed and in control of all vital processes.

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