Friday, March 27, 2015

Why OEMs Are Choosing InTouch Machine Edition for Equipment running Microsoft Embedded OS

Machine Builders and  Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have a wide variety of choices in HMI software to use in designing solutions for customers. InTouch Machine Edition is an excellent option for OEMs using equipment running a Microsoft Embedded operating system for a variety of reasons, including: feature-rich HMI software that has a small footprint, continued support for the operating system, and easy connectivity with built-in drivers and OPC support.
InTouch Machine Edition supports all versions of Windows Embedded, including Windows Embedded Compact (formerly CE), Standard. Schneider Electric Software was the first HMI software provider to fully support Windows CE, and Schneider Electric Software still offers the best Windows Embedded Compact (CE) experience for users. In addition, Microsoft offers support for the Windows Embedded operating systems for over a dozen years, making it an easy investment in terms of support. Schneider Electric Software also takes great care to keep applications backward and forward compatible, so any application developed in Schneider Electric Software will continue working no matter what version of the software you develop with.

Connectivity is easy with InTouch Machine Edition. The HMI software includes over 240 protocols for all major PLC and controller manufactures such as Schneider Electric , Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley, Siemens, General Electric, Mitsubishi , Yokogawa, Motoman and InTouch Machine Edition also supports OPC UA, DA Client, Classic.

InTouch Machine Edition  Embedded Compact and Standard Differentiation 
  • Hardware independent panel HMI software for machines, buildings and remote units.
  • Great integration with PLCs.
  • Great integration with Wonderware System Platform.
  • The right tool for the job – Simple and Easy to use
  • A more powerful alternative to traditional panel HMIs
Many Equipment Possibilities
Common types of equipment that support Microsoft Windows Embedded are Industrial Panel PCs, In Vehicle Computers, displayless, battery powered, very large displays (such as those used for digital signage), and very small displays  similar to those found in hand-held devices.
This equipment can be used in a variety of industries, including wireless inventory management systems, barcode readers, and kiosk stations, as well as a variety of machines used in industrial automation. Applications might include:
  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Security and surveillance
  • Building automation systems
  • Entertainment
  • Water & Waste Water
  • Machine Builders
  • System builders

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