Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wonderware OEM Customer FIRST: Our Mission – Your Success

Why Customer FIRST for OEMs?
The Customer FIRST program is the foundation of our service and support relationship. A Customer FIRST for OEMs agreement provides an assortment of services designed to ensure your machine performance and to reduce the cost of ownership for you and your customers. The program provides convenient access to highly skilled resources to remedy any technical issue that you experience as you adjust, fine tune, and upgrade your software solution. Whether planning a new machine design, optimizing a mature machine or preparing for a major upgrade that can help position you for success in your market, with Customer FIRST for OEMs you choose the program level and options that best meet your business requirements. Consider the following questions as you assess your specific needs:

  • How quickly can you identify a software issue if a malfunction occurs?
  • Can you troubleshoot and resolve issues?
  • Do you have experts to help support your customers 24/7?
  • Can you benefit from a single point of contact for technology-related questions and coordination to support the issue and problem resolution for you, your team, and the end user?
  • Do you offer support packages to your end user, and how can you ensure they are providing benefit and also manage your costs?
  • Are your team and the team of the end user properly trained?
  • What commitment does your end user expect from support resolution?
  • Do you need to provide uptime guarantees to your end user?
  • Providing you with the level of support services that you need to successfully address your specific issues and challenges is what Customer FIRST is all about. 

Program Highlights
Technical Account Manager: Veteran support engineer who knows your OEM business and your solutions very well, and also knows why questions are asked and how to react.
You get a dedicated resource available exclusively to our OEM partners
Support Transition Services: Solution support engineers engage in the implementation phases or hands-on training to gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the OEM solution and key integration points. This process helps to transition expertise and to support the solution after development. 
Application Support: Our knowledgeable solution support engineers are subject matter experts trained on your solution and are a phone call away should you experience any issue with your OEM solution. 
Solution Consulting Services: Applications and demands from the end user will require updates of your current system to meet changing business needs and evolving manufacturing processes. These services help you be more agile and responsive to future market-driven changes.
Upgrade and Assessment Service: Over time, an OEM solution will require an upgrade to remain compatible with changes in the market or with end user demands. Our Customer FIRST services will allow you to understand the current state of your software and plan for the future as well as strategic direction for software lifecycle management.

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