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VIDEO for OEMs: Learn how to increase sales by 50%

By watching the video below, you will learn how Wonderware software has enabled Yamatake (OEM) to increase sales by 50% over the last four years and adds value through "human-centered automation".

  • Implement a software solution aligned with the corporate mission to realize safety, comfort and fulfilment in peoples’ lives while contributing to the global environment through “human-centered automation”
  • Take advantage of an off-the-shelf solution that offers quick deployment and ease of use
  • The corporation requires a software solution with enough versatility to interface with many different hardware systems worldwide
  • With over $2.4 billion in global sales, Yamatake needs extensive and immediate technical support
  • With the Wonderware software’s ability to support Yamatake’s “Operation Anywhere” concept, the corporation has increased sales by approximately 50% over the last four years
  • Wonderware software’s standardized, pre-built graphics have provided savings in engineering costs and development time
  • Yamatake customers are maximizing their existing system investments due to the Wonderware solution’s easy upgrades and upward compatibility
Solutions and Products
  • Wonderware InTouch® HMI

100 Years of History and a Vision for the Future
Since 1906, Yamatake has prided itself on meeting the demands of the present day while also keeping an eye on the challenges of the next generation. Over time, the changes in the industry have been immense. Automation in the early 20th Century looked quite different than it does today. But the common denominator throughout has been people. To refl ect this, Yamatake formed its azbil Group and adopted a new philosophy that recognizes the critical issues of today and the aspirations for the company’s future while maintaining the central importance of people to the corporation’s success. With these priorities in place, Yamatake has moved forward to serve a wide range of industries. It provides instrumentation, engineering, operations and maintenance solutions to support oil, chemical, iron, steel, pulp and paper as well as automotive, electrical/electronic, semiconductor and food and beverage customers. To succeed, Yamatake collaborates with select outside companies, including a partnership with Wonderware that has been in place since 1995.

A Versatile Platform for Growth
When considering options, Yamatake could have developed a proprietary software system, but instead looked to the benefi ts of an off-the-shelf solution. With Wonderware software, Yamatake could take advantage of powerful, proven standards that actually free engineers to work.
more effi ciently. Because of the software’s builtin compatibility and connectivity as well as its intuitive graphical user interface, the engineers were able to produce designs quickly. Rather than focusing on learning the software, they were able to concentrate on their core competencies and on creating effective solutions for Yamatake’s customers. Yamatake’s Harmonas-DEO product line name means “Harmonized Automation System – Dependable/Open.” It’s a distributed control system (DCS) built on the Wonderware software platform. Wonderware InTouch HMI enables Harmonas-DEO to integrate PLC and SCADA capabilities into the DCS for continuous batch and discrete process control. Most importantly, Harmonas-DEO is web-based and aligns with Yamatake’s “human-centered” philosophy. Its “Operation Anywhere” approach employs open standards like Windows® , Ethernet and others that remove the restrictions of place and time. With Wonderware software, Harmonas-DEO enables the control room of the present and the future.
The results speak for themselves. Wonderware software has contributed to Yamatake’s impressive growth – the corporation’s sales have increased 50% over the last four years! In the next blog you will see how the rapid growth was accomplished. 
Source: Originally published on: Success Story: Yamatake Oct 2009
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