Monday, April 6, 2015

Live demo: Access your plant floor data anywhere, any time, any device via a web browser

Take a self-guided tour by logging into a live InTouch Machine Edition interface with simulated plant data using your favorite device computer workstation, tablet (such as iPad etc), smartphone.

As you may be  aware, InTouch Access Anywhere is the world’s #1 Human Machine Interface software in a browser. InTouch provides to your plant data to various roles in the industrial organization, from the office to the plant floor.
• Anywhere
• Any time
• Any device
• Secure
• Zero Client Installation
• Zero Maintenance

Please be sure you are using an HTML5 compliant browser such as:

  • Chrome 12 or higher
  • Safari 5 or higher
  • IE 10 or preferably IE11.
  • Opera 11, Opera Mobile 11.5 or higher 
Username: Mobile1
Password: Wonderware1
The experience varies depending on what device you choose to use InTouch Access anywhere. 
Important notes:
Sessions have been time limited
Closing your browser disconnects from the session
Closing the InTouch application ends a session
For Safari 8.x we issued a tech alert “Issues in Safari 8.x Prevent It From Working with InTouch Access Anywhere (ITAA)”
BUSINESS VALUE: InTouch Access Anywhere
InTouch Access Anywhere enables users to securely achieve greater visibility of plant floor data (graphics, performance, alarms, trends) from any location. InTouch Access Anywhere saves travel cost by enabling the most suitable resource from any location to securely and instantly visualize, analyze, manage, and control the operation.
 InTouch Access Anywhere delivers even more flexibility and usability with improved operator and engineer efficiency.
  • As a web browser application, it extends the access to InTouch HMI screens and dashboards to users anywhere for improved real-time decision making
  • Securely troubleshoot plant equipment from the office, home or from the road providing an unprecedented level of flexibility that maximizes employee output.
  • Enable the most suitable personnel from any location to instantly contribute to the solution Secure Web HMI Solution InTouch Access Anywhere is delivered with built-in safeguards to protect information from unauthorized access.
Security features include:
  • Integrated Microsoft Windows® authentication: Active Directory
  • Encryption: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Firewall-friendly: The portal can be placed inside a DMZ (via a gateway)
  • Portal roles: Read and read/write privilege
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If you do not have the time to login and try the InTouch Access Anywhere live demo, watch a 3 minutes video and get an idea what it can do for you.

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