Tuesday, June 30, 2015

InTouch Panel PCs Overview in under 5 minutes

In this video, Brian Leonard, Product Manager, Wonderware Industrial Computers, covers the features of InTouch Panel PCs,Series D, that is designed to allow organizations to break free from proprietary hardware and functionally weak graphic interfaces. Interchangeable across both product series (Standard and Premium) enables standardization on one common and powerful visualization interface for machine level applications and supervisory Human Machine Interface (HMI). 
Product at a glance:
  • Break free from proprietary hardware
  • Modular design with tool-less component removal increases efficiency and reduces downtime Dedicated disaster recovery drive with bundled Acronis True Image
  • No moving parts throughout entire product range; Solid state drives and fanless cooling standard
  • Advanced Exchange Program
  • Complete bundled solution
  • Selectable version of Wonderware InTouch automatically installed and licensed
  • Ordering made simple
  • One source of support
  • Eliminate software / hardware incompatibility concerns
  • On-board disaster recovery

For more information visit the Wonderware Industrial Computers webpage.

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