Friday, July 10, 2015

Stay connected with the Wonderware HMI/SCADA Times Newsletter

Have you ever tried to research news about Wonderware by Schneider Electric and found that there is so much to sift through? And, have you noticed that there are new stories coming out everyday?

We have a solution. We collect the best Wonderware HMI/SCADA related news from over 50 sources around the globe. We then send every week the aggregated digest to you so you can stay informed without having to do the research yourself.

Take a peek at the sample of The Wonderware HMI/SCADA Times and make sure to subscribe to get weekly editions delivered to your inbox.

It's that easy to be in the know and to stay connected.

Subscribers are people who do two things:

1)      Understand: Understand the Wonderware Portfolio of Software and its value proposition so you can tell it to others.  The first step is to click here and subscribe …. You will get weekly Wonderware HMI & SCADA related email newsletter in your inbox… just read it!

2)      Participate: Share articles from this site:

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