Monday, September 14, 2015

Wonderware InTouch® wins 2015 UX Design award for Human Machine Interface (HMI) Software

Schneider Electric Software LLC, the global specialist in energy management and the world leader in delivering industrial strength software solutions that simplify the complex in your operation has announced that its Wonderware InTouch won the 2015 UX Design award for Human Machine Interface Software. 

The UX Design Awards are hosted by International Design Center Berlin and winners were determined by a group of independent jury members with different competencies and specializations ensure a balanced evaluation of the various competition entries in the fields of user orientation and design quality. There were 50 product solutions nominated  from 13 countries in Berlin during the IFA show in Berlin, Germany September 2-9, 2015 , Germany’s oldest industrial exibition that attracted more than 245,000 visitors. The award criteria is based on the user experience and it takes a comprehensive view of the interactions that occur with a particular product or service. This can include emotional, cognitive, aesthetic, ergonomic aspects and context of use, user integration, serviceability, design quality, degree of innovation.

According to the jury: “The software interface HMI for Wonderware InTouch provides high clarity and fault tolerance to improve the user experience and increase efficiency in industrial production processes. A clear and intuitive design aims at unambiguousness and an intuitive grasp of information. The UX Design thus helps to reduce operator fatigue as well as failure rates and efficiency gaps”.

“This award demonstrates Wonderware InTouch continues to deliver the best user experience in the industry.  That user experience has made InTouch the market leader according to ARC and continue to innovate that Experience with such capabilities as goal oriented HMI enabled by the Situational Awareness Libraries” said John Krajewski, Director of Product Management HMI/SCADA.

The software Wonderware InTouch enables machine manufacturers and producing companies to design custom-made goal oriented human machine interfaces. The design of the interface takes into account that operators are often being replaced and receive little training. The software enables them to keep track of current processes (situational awareness) to ensure security and productivity and enables  user to accomplish 40% faster troubleshooting  of abnormal situations. The visual interface is easy to use and presents data in its context and information is displayed depending on its relevance for the user. 

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