Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Top 3 Business Values Of The New Wonderware Office

The New Wonderware Office Bundle is a real-time data capture, analysis and reporting package designed for the Front Office that brings visibility and insight, allowing create, manage and monitor your personal operations KPI’s. This blog posts covers the top business values of the New Wonderware Office and the components of the Wonderware Office:

1.     Comprehensive reporting and data analysis package enables team members to gain value from your process history; having real-time access to data enhances collaboration and fact-based decision making.
2.     Control system agnostic, Wonderware Office Bundle works with any brand of automation product.
3.     Brings immediate value of uncovering performance improvements, bottlenecks, using Industrial Big Data.
The Components of the Wonderware Office
  • Wonderware Historian. Wonderware Historian combines advanced data storage with an industry-standard reporting interface to ensure open, easy access to your operational data, enabling faster, more informed decisions based on current, real-time plant performance.  Data stored in the Wonderware Historian is easily accessible using the included, integrated reporting and analysis tools.  From your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, Historian data is available 24/7 to help you better monitor, manage, and improve your processes.
  • Wonderware Historian Client. Wonderware Historian Client provides data trending and reporting capabilities to quickly troubleshoot issues and identify cost-saving opportunities. A perfect complement to the Wonderware Historian, Historian Client is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office, allowing you to publish historical reports to the Web or your company intranet site
  • Wonderware InTouch. InTouch adds years of experience to operators by enhancing the ability to see trends as they are forming, logically predict what may happen, take corrective actions to address problems before they get out of hand and avoid catastrophic events all in a less time and with greater accuracy and confidence than other HMIs.
  • Wonderware InTouch Access Anywhere.  InTouch Access Anywhere brings rich process and operations visualization in a mobile form factor. It offers collaboration and execution with zero client installation, zero maintenance and zero downtime to unlock the value of your existing plant data.
  • Wonderware SmartGlance.  A mobile Key Performance Indicator (KPI) application, SmartGlance enables you to view  your plant data on your mobile smartphone, smart watch or tablet. A simple app download allows you to view, analyze and collaborate around your facilities’ process or operational data, metrics, KPIs and reports—anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Source: Wonderware Office Datasheet

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