Sunday, January 3, 2016

Machine Edition HMI script to Read & Write to an XML Recipe format File

This Machine Edition HMI Sample Application demonstrates the use of VBScript withXMLDOM to read and write XML files.The VBScript code is contained in the Screen Script for this display. The XML file(s) contain data values of the array val[0] - val[4]. 

The XML data is stored in XML format consistent with the format of IWS recipe files. 
To use this program:
  • set the variables and then Save, specifying a file name. 
  • Change values and repeat, using a different file name to save. 
  • Next, load a file. 
  • The values will change to the values in the saved XML file.
The instructions to run this application are:
  •  Install ITME8.0 (or later) in your computer (
  • Extract the files from into your computer
  • Open ITME 2014 R2 (v 8.0 or later) development environment and run the XMLScript application.
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