Monday, January 25, 2016

Siemens Direct Operations Integration Server for the S7-1500 platform

This video, developed by Alvaro Martinez covers the Operations Integration Server for the S7-1500 platform. Wonderware Siemens SIDirect Operations Integration Server supports the latest S7-1500 platform from Siemens with full Symbolic namespace support. 
New in This Release
Supports  the S7-1500 series and S7-1500F failsafe series controllers
Provides the option to set the OI Server to be Read-Only
New symbolic hierarchy based connection
Supports new symbolic tag-based namespace
Basic data types (bit, analog, string)
System data types (counter, timer, input, output, memory area items, hardware diagnostics)
Complex data types (pre-defined in the controller)
User-defined data types
Provides suffix to coerce date and time values to the appropriate format
Supports arrays of data types listed above
Provides new symbolic connection-related diagnostic items
Supports connectivity to password protected controllers
Auto-synchronizes symbolic tag databases when tags are changed or uploaded to the controller
Provides controller connection validation during configuration
Supports redundant controller connectivity
Continued support for legacy S7 absolute memory location addressing syntax
OI Server specific support
Supports multi-instance
Supports multi-version
Supports side-by-side installation with SIDirect DAServer
Supports side-by-side installation with SIDirect DI Objects
Leverages OI Server standard and professional licenses
Products in this video:
Wonderware System Platform
Wonderware InTouch
Who should watch?
Anyone using Wonderware InTouch, Wonderware System Platform, Application Server: control and process engineers, IT professionals
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