Thursday, January 21, 2016

Two important Operations Integration Server announcements

We are very excited about the following two important Operations Integration Server announcements. The first one is related to the SIDirect OI Server availability that supports the latest S7-1500 platform from Siemens with full Symbolic namespace support and you guessed it the, Industrial Internet of Things is just a step away! The second announcement provides a glimpse at the drivers in the pipeline. You can find developments for
Enhancing the Gateway product to support OI Core functionality, MQTT OI Server for Industrial Internet of Things, Automation Direct expanded set, InTouch Machine Edition that Converts DAServer to  an OI Server.
Check out our Wonderware HMI/SCADA YouTube video channel celebrating this update.
1.SIEMENS S7-1500
SIDirect OI Server available now!
Release Highlights
  • Specific support for the S7-1500 series and S7-1500F failsafe series controllers
  • Support for Symbolic, tag-based, hierarchical namespaces
  • Continued support for legacy S7 absolute memory location addressing syntax
  • Pre-configured… Ready to use
  • Amazing performance!
  • Supports connectivity to password protected controllers.
  • See Readme for full details (link). Watch this video to get a brief overview
    OI Server specific support
  • Supports multi-instance
  • Supports multi-version
  • Supports side-by-side installation with SIDirect DAServer
  • Supports side-by-side installation with SIDirect DI Objects
  • Leverages OI Server standard and professional licenses
  • New - Provides the option to set the OI Server to be Read-Only

2. Upcoming OI Servers

Check out the upcoming OI Servers that we are working on!
Starting Friday, January 22nd

Visit our Beta site and start previewing some of the upcoming servers!

FSGateway becomes OI Gateway.
Enhancing the Gateway product to support OI Core functionality
Adding OPC UA client Functionality

Automation Direct expanded set
Added support for Do-more Series PLCs
Added support for Productivity Series PLCs

New – Industrial Internet of Things!

MQTT OI Server

InTouch Machine Edition
Convert DAServer to OI Server

Omron FINS
Convert DAServer to OI Server

Texas Instruments
Support for TI-500 Series

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