Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wonderware System Platform Video

Today, industrial companies need a more efficient and flexible way of developing, deploying and maintaining the software applications used to manage and improve operations. This video, developed by our distributor WonderwareCanada East, is about Wonderware System Platform - a distinctly unique, powerful and elegant solution that delivers what customers most need in their real-time industrial software systems.

Wonderware System Platform is to the modern plant what Windows is to the modern office: an environment for building, deploying, connecting, securing and managing interactions among people, processes and production equipment. Whether you are running process or discrete manufacturing, upstream oil & gas, mining municipal utilities or most any other industrial operations, Wonderware System Platform is the most powerful, scalable, robust and proven software infrastructure you can get.

It provides configuration, deployment, communication, security, data connectivity and other services.
Wonderware System Platform interfaces to hundreds of field devices and plant systems, allows extensive re-use of engineering, eases maintenance burdens, provides broad scalability and extensibility while accommodating new computing technologies such as virtualization.

Wonderware System Platform and its tightly integrated components help produce 24% of the world’s chemicals, 64% of the world’s Liquid Natural Gas, 20% of the world’s electricity generation, 36% of the world’s nuclear energy generation, and 17% of the world’s refined products. 

Products in this video:
  • Wonderware System Platform
  • Wonderware InTouch
Who should watch?
  • Anyone using Wonderware InTouch, Wonderware System Platform, Application Server: control and process engineers, IT professionals
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