Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The HTML 5 demo of Studio Mobile Access is now live

Studio Mobile Access (SMA) is one of the 3 "Thin Clients" available from InTouch Machine Edition. Mobile Access allows you to securely view information and (optionally) interact with your main project. Based on HTML 5 it can be used on most current tablets, phones and desktops, such as iPads, Android tablets and phones, and Chrome or Safari browsers.
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About Studio Mobile Access InTouch Machine Edition Thin Client
Your Data on Any Device
Wonderware understands that you need access to process data on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. That’s why Wonderware Software has been leading the way on mobile access for HMI/SCADA software. InTouch Machine Edition’s Studio Mobile Access client does not rely on any one web browser, meaning that you can use the SMA client on any device with an internet connection.  It is built around the new standard HTML 5, and can be deployed on any HTML 5 capable browser with internet access.
For example:
  • iPad, iPod Touch, and the iPhone
  • Blackberry devices
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Windows Mobile Phones

Mobile communication is no longer just a convenience in automation; it is a necessity. The high demand for efficient machines necessitates a steady flow of information that allows remote workers to make timely decisions to improve the speed, quality, or production levels of any process. With InTouch Machine Edition, you no longer need to tie yourself down to a machine HMI or a PC monitor. InTouch Machine Edition’ mobile solutions turn raw data into brilliant graphical representations that can be read and understood at a glance on mobile devices; allowing you to make real-time decisions wherever you are.

Benefits of the mobile thin clients
Take advantage of these innovations to:
  • Save time in maintenance and repair by receiving mobile alerts on your phone or tablet
  • View data remotely and avoid unnecessary trips to distant sites
  • Make critical decisions while you’re on the move
  • Give high-level management access to the data they need on any mobile device 
Mobile Solutions Keep Your Process Running 
To give you freedom, Wonderware team has developed a variety of solutions that keep you in touch with your critical information at all times. InTouch Machine Edition offers three different types of thin clients, allowing you to access your data wherever you go. To learn more about these options, please visit the previous blog post:

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