Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sneak preview: What’s new in InTouch Machine Edition 2014 R2 (v8.0+Patch3)?

If you were not present at the 2016 SAMC at the Marriott Anaheim,  you missed a lot. My next blog posts are scheduled to covered several new technologies that will be available soon. Since we are about the make available the new InTouch Machine Edition 2014 R2 (V8.0+ Patch 3) I’d like to start with covering its new features:

  • New licenses for Windows Desktop and Server Editions
  • Drivers
  • Enhanced Data Input for SMA Thin Clients
  • Integration with Wonderware Online
  • System Platform ITMEViewApp Object Integration

Support for ITME Full Runtime Edition, supported on Windows Desktop/Server operating systems (500 tags, 1000 tags, 3000 tags, or 60000 tags)
  • Seamless migration path from embedded HMI solutions to affordable, full-feature alternative for medium to small systems running on Windows desktop/server platform.

Support for SIEMENS TIA (Tag Integration and native communication driver), except for Embedded Compact (CEView) and IoTView
  • Ability to browse the tags directly from the SIEMENS TIA controllers (e.g.: S7-1500) and communicate with them.

Enhanced Data Input for Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Clients (launching the native Virtual Keyboard from the thin client device)
  • Ability to input data from Studio Mobile Access (SMA) thin clients, using the native virtual keyboard interfaces provided by the mobile device, providing support for local language, as well as suitable and consistent experience for the local platform.

 Native integration with System Platform through the new ITMEViewApp object
  • Manage ITME applications from the ArchestrA IDE and centralized Galaxy Repository. Easily and naturally integrate and synchronize tag values, and alarm status from ITME runtime stations with System Platform.
  • Launch the ITME IDE from System Platform, so the user can create/modify an ITME project.
  • Store/Retrieve an ITME project from the ArchestrA System Repository.
  • Automatically expose tags (including their values) from the ITME project as attributes of the object in System Platform.
  • Automatically share the Alarm Status from the ITME project as attributes of the object in System Platform (including acknowledgment status).
  • Allow the user to easily set tags from the ITME project to be saved into the Wonderware Historian.
  • Deploy an ITME project to a runtime station from System Platform.
  • Select and deploy the same project to several InTouch Machine Runtime – maintaining  thousands of complex relationships from a central place

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