Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Typical use of the InTouch Machine Edition Thin Clients

There have been a few questions that have come up in regards to thin clients, and web connectivity for Wonderware InTouch Machine Edition. I’d like to address four common questions.
What are Thin Clients?
Thin Clients allow users to interact with the graphical interface of the applications (screens) from stations where the runtime components do not need to be installed/stored (product, project/application, nor license). InTouch Machine Edition offers different types of Thin Clients as illustrated in the following picture and described in the following table:

Do I need to install any license on the Thin Client Station?
You do not have to install any license on the Thin Client station(s). The license installed on the runtime server station controls how many Thin Clients of each type can be concurrently connected to the Server (runtime edition). The following table illustrates the Thin Clients supported by each runtime edition (the price varies depending on the number of Thin Clients actually supported by the runtime edition license):

Do you have a live demo of the thin Clients?
Yes, click on the link below to see a live demo of the HTML 5 Studio Mobile Acess:

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