Friday, July 8, 2016

Wonderware Releases New Set of Operations Integration Servers [Video]

We are pleased to announce the release of 2016 Q2 Operations Integration (OI) Servers. The release is divided up into four different categories - maintenance release of existing OI Servers; conversion of DAServers to OI Servers; new OI Servers and new communication protocols; and two additional announcements related to OI servers licensing and configuration. 

Check out the Video by Alvaro Martinez, the Product Manager for Wonderware Operations Integration Servers, where he explains the new functionalities and capabilities of Wonderware Operations Integration Servers. 

The Operations Integration (OI) Core G-1.2 has been enhanced in this release to support security functionality for servers that enable SQL connectivity. It has also been enhanced to allow ‘Read-Only’ configuration capability. The OI Core is now backward compatible. All existing OI Servers can run with the OI Core G-1.2.

As part of our commitment to quality, we are providing maintenance release updates to our existing OI Servers. The following three OI Servers have been updated:
  • BACLITE OI Server (OI BACLITE G-1.2) – for building controls relaying on BACNet standards
  • MELSEC OI Server – for Mitsubishi-based controllers
  • TWINCAT OI Server – for BECKHOFF controllers

We have converted some of our legacy DA Servers to Operations Integration Servers – this will allow these servers to leverage the OI core benefits. InTouch Machine Edition OI Server (OI ITME G-1.2) replaces some of the legacy DA Servers; it supports connectivity to the new InTouch Machine Edition v8.0 as well as previous versions. The OMRONFINS DAServer has been converted to an OI Server.

The new OI Servers released are - OI ADPRO G-1.2, OI DOMORE G-1.2, OI Gateway G-1.2, OI TI500 G-1.2, OI SNMP G-1.2, and OI ITME G-1.2. As part of the evolution, FSGateway now becomes OI Gateway. By leveraging the OI Core infrastructure, the Gateway now supports much more scalable architectures. In addition, the Gateway has been improved for faster performance – sub-second performance, as low as 50 msec updates rates, can be easily achieved. The Gateway has been enhanced to support two connection types – OPC-UA and MQTT. 

Here are the Highlights of Wonderware OI Server 2016-Q2 Release:

Maintenance Release of Existing OI Servers
  • OI Core version G-1.2 – Maintenance release
             > The OI Core is enhanced to support new security functionality on some drivers
             > Read-Only capability – OI Servers can now be configured to act as Read-Only servers
  • OI BACLITE G-1.2 – (BACNet) maintenance release
  • OI TWINCAT G-1.2 – (Beckhoff) maintenance release
  • OI MELSEC G-1.2 – (Mitsubishi) maintenance release

DAServers Conversion to OI Servers
              > Replaces the Legacy DAServer
              > Support for InTouch Machine Edition version 8.0
             > Replaces the Legacy DAServer

New OI Servers (and new protocols!)
  • Automation Direct
             > OI ADPRO G-1.2 – Support for Productivity Series controller family
             > OI DOMOR G-1.2 – Support for the Do-More Series controller family
  • MQTT OI Server - for Internet of Things
  • OPC-UA (See OI Gateway)
  • SNMP  OI SNMP G-1.2
             > Support for SNMP versions 1 & 2
             > Support for unsolicited messages (Traps)
  • Texas Instruments – OI TI500 G-1.2
             > Support for series TI545, TI565, TI575, CTI2500
             > Serial and Ethernet connectivity
  • Wonderware – OI Gateway G-1.2
             > Replaces FSGateway moving forward
             > Improved performance - Sub-second update performance
  • OPC-UA Client: Allows stand-alone support for InTouch, Historian, InBatch or any OPC/DDE/SuiteLink compliant software that requires connectivity to OPC-UA Servers. It is compatible with Application Server by leveraging existing Application Server clients (OPC or DDE/SuiteLink), and supports secured connectivity when necessary.
  • MQTT Client (Internet of Things protocol)
             > Enables connectivity to an MQTT Broker
             > Supports connection security
             > Supports payload identity authentication
             > Support MQTT standard syntax of both simple and complex JSON formatted messages
  • OPC-DA Publisher – Make OPC-DA Sources act as MQTT edge devices. Support leveraging the OI Gateway for publishing references from OPC-DA data sources such as PLC data through OPC-DA compliant servers.

Two More Announcements that are Part of this Release –
  •  OFS v3.60: OFS is the OPC Factory Server by Schneider Electric. It is now available for download from our product hub. OFS v3.60 has been specifically developed for the Wonderware market. This server is a stand-alone OPC Server. It supports Modbus protocol configuration for both Serial and Ethernet connections.
             > Supports the latest Modicon controllers
             > Leverages the connectivity to Structured/Tagname based PLC programs
             > Uses the Wonderware licenses that support of I/O feature line
  • All Operations Integration Servers
             > Support OI Standard and Professional licenses and functionality
             > Support Multi-Instance – which helps improve scalability, robustness & performance
             > Support Multi-Version (where applicable)
             > Support for ‘Read-Only’ configuration

Continuously Growing Driver Suite from Wonderware!

New additions at a glance! All products are in the generation G-1.2 Series:
  • Operations Integration Core  (OI Core) G-1.2 version 4.2
  • OI ADPRO G-1.2 version 1.6
  • OI BACLITE G-1.2 version 3.9
  • OI CODESYS G-1.2 version 2.7
  • OI DOMORE G-1.2 version 1.2
  • OI Gateway G-1.2 version 4.0
  • OI ITME G-1.2 version 2.0
  • OI MELSEC G-1.2 version 10.6
  • OI TI500 G-1.2 version 1.13
  • OI TWINCAT G-1.2 version 1.2
  • OMRONFINS G-1.2 version 10.12

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