Friday, July 29, 2016

Situational Awareness Video aims to improve User Experience (UX)

Our SI partner, Wunderlich Malec, has created a reproducible solution that provides a highly effective user experience. Its video covers a combination of Situational Awareness with a methodical approach to modular PLC code that has produced an effective interface.  
What is Wonderware Situational Awareness?
Wonderware Situational Awareness is a design approach devoted to providing operators with the most relevant and necessary information at the right time. They see the situation at hand in full context of what is happening in real-time, how it links to previous events, and where the process might be headed.  Such an accurate visual combination of past, present, and potential consequences leads to an exceptionally clear understanding, opportunistic analysis and reaction time, and better decisions.
  • System Platform – Application Server, Intouch, Historian.
  • Schneider Electric PLCs

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