Monday, October 10, 2016

Wonderware Prometheus - World's First Multi-Vendor Configuration Tool

Centralized configuration and management delivers re-use, standardization and transparency to maximize asset performance

Wonderware Prometheus is a brand new offering from Schneider Electric Software. Prometheus is the industry’s first universal configuration solution for defining, programming and documenting all components in an industrial control system, from the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to the I/O. It introduces a high level open programming environment that automates complex configuration tasks and enables the configuration of control components, regardless of type or brand.

 Wonderware Prometheus

By removing the complexity and the tedious burden of updating multiple applications, Prometheus drives greater agility across automation and control systems, ensuring that plants run the most efficient and up-to-date processes.
Scott Clark, Director of Control Configuration at Schneider Electric, describes Prometheus as a major breakthrough. “One tool to configure and manage your entire control system, without limitation. Prometheus is comprehensive and intelligent. It structures and simplifies the entire development process, delivering benefits to everyone on the control team.”

For the standards team, Prometheus templates ensure standards are not only achievable, but deliver real value. Code development independent of the target platform, optional functionality and intelligent plug and socket connections deliver agile templates, ensuring the maximum reuse of code. Integrated version management means standards can evolve as requirements change.
“Although control code is developed independent of the target platform, it does not limit what you can achieve”, continued Scott Clark. “Once complete, the code is compiled by the vendors software for validation and download; the code developed in Prometheus can leverage the unique features of every platform.”

Read the Press Release to learn more about this exciting Wonderware product. Download this announcement in the pdf format.

Prometheus - Universal Automation Configurator 

Wonderware Prometheus is the new way of configuration across all your industrial automation products, including third-party tools.
  • World's first multi-vendor vertical configuration tool
  • Fully leverages each vendor's native editor
  • End-to-end lifecycle management for single site to multi-site
  • Ensures 100% integrity when making changes across PLCs, RTUs or HMIs in real-time


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