Monday, October 31, 2016

Retrieve Weather Information from third-party Web Service using InTouch Machine Edition

The following example demonstrates how to connect to a public web service, retrieve weather information in XML format and display the current information (e.g.: temperature, humidity, etc) from a given location on the screen.
You may be asking: why would someone considering doing this from an HMI such as InTouch Machine Edition? Applications such Smart Irrigation  (Saving water with Smart Irrigation System - allowing remote control of the irrigation system to facilitate the management of the water network.), Smart Agriculture (control climate conditions to maximize the production of vegetables) are ideal targets for such an application.

More about InTouch Machine Edition?
Embedded HMI Software For IIoT and Smart Machines
InTouch Machine Edition is a customizable HMI designed specifically for embedded and OEM applications where a small footprint and cost effective price are paramount. The compact footprint makes it the ideal HMI for IIoT applications. It can deploy and run on small panel PCs, embedded devices and machines while offering remote HMI access on smartphones and tablets without any software installation.
Out-of-box IIoT ready
Seamless Integration with Wonderware portfolio offers (e.g. System Platform, Historian, Wonderware Online) a natural extension for Wonderware customers looking to take advantage of IIoT applications.
IIoT Capability:
  • Cloud-based archiving facilitates limitless scalability for IIoT based applications that dictate high volume of interconnected devices
  • Centrally configure and deploy embedded or machine-based applications to remote nodes from System Platform Share machine-based data across interconnected devices or across plants without disrupting existing System Platform architecture
  • Native drivers to more than 240 communication protocols including support for MQTT driver, all major PLCs and many other devices.

Download the XML example now

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